Meet the Filmmakers

Pracheta Sharma

Pracheta Sharma aspires to be a journalist without borders. She is currently freelancing with the news website- The Daily Beast, as a video producer for a special project called, “Women in the World: Stories and Solutions.”

She has also interned with PBS’s Emmy award winning international affairs documentary show, Wide Angle, where she worked on research and production of acquisition films.

Originally from India, Pracheta worked for a national news network in Mumbai as a bilingual field reporter/producer. In 2006, she moved to the United States and started freelancing for South Asian community newspapers in Northern California.

Pracheta is passionate about stories focusing on women’s issues, education and human rights. She loves to shoot and edit. Her dream is to be an accomplished documentary filmmaker narrating extraordinary stories of ordinary people around the world. She recently graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, where she met her filmmaking partner, Jessica Hopper.

Jessica PortraitJessica Hopper

In 2009, Jessica was the recipient of the Charles Gibson Fellowship at ABC News. She is currently working as a Desk Assistant for ABC Weekend News. She has also interned at the Tampa Tribune covering immigration and at the Miami Herald where she interned as a multimedia reporter on the business desk.

Jessica is the product of a military family.  The longest she’s lived anywhere is the four years she spent in Virginia for college at Washington and Lee University. Her travels during college led her from the blue mountains of the Shenandoah Valley to India, Senegal and Barbados.

It was this traveling that helped her discover her love of journalism and its importance. A woman in rural Virginia may never meet a Senegalese woman on her own, but a journalist can introduce the two to each other through telling the stories of both women. Documentary’s unique combination of journalism told through artistic, cinematic methods is perhaps the best way to tell the stories she’s most interested in, stories that cross cultures to reflect the common threads that we all share.

Together, Jessica and Pracheta have collaborated to form Brown Girls Productions. “Behind Closed Doors” is the maiden venture for these women filmmakers and they hope to continue their journey together with many more films.